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the printable worksheet for chromboot shortcuts
Tech-KNOW-ology Notes
a laptop with the text free jamboard templates for teachers to use on their computers
FREE Jamboard Templates for Elementary Teachers | Jamboard Ideas for Math Morning Meeting Writing
an image of a computer screen with the words 10 awesome jamboard ideas for teaching reading
10 Awesome Jamboard Ideas for Teaching Reading {Jamboard Freebie}
Google Slides Bell Ringers for the Entire Year of Middle School ELA
the google drive activity for elementary students to use on their ipad and other electronic devices
Chalkboard Classroom Creations
the back cover of a book with an image of a green arrow and text that reads, meet the teacher
Sarah McLaurin on Twitter
the virtual bitmoji classroom is open for students to learn how to use it
an all teachers need poster with the words, google slides and other things to do
Google Slides Presentations
the 5 reason to use digital choice boards for spelling and writing is that they are easy
5 Reasons to Use DIGITAL Choice Boards in the Classroom
Digital Choice Boards will allow you to create technology based activities to tap into multiple intelligences and learning styles while being able to differentiate for all levels. Come read about 5 reasons to use digital choice boards or menus in your classroom!
a hand is pointing at a paperless google classroom page on a tablet screen with the title how to turn any single pf paperless for google classroom
How Teachers Turn Any Worksheet Paperless for Google Classroom
Google Classroom Teachers - If you've been searching for a way to DIGITALLY assign students a quick assessment of a math skill to drive instruction, this video tutorial is for you! via @cupcakestpt
two minute tip on how to use google chrome extensions for your website or blog?
Extensity: The Essential Chrome App
15 Best Google Drive Add-Ons for Education | Cool Cat Teacher Blog
an image of a website page with a woman's profile in the bottom right corner
Top 10 Google Docs Add-ons for teachers
Top 10 Google Docs Add-ons for teachers – Student Voices
a woman holding up her phone with the text, episode 006 5 apps that will make
5 Apps to Help Make Your Life Easier: Part 1 - Teach Create Motivate
5 Apps to Help Make Your Life Easier: Part 1 - Teach Create Motivate