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Ayurvedic Products-Vedovas

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Vedova's Herbal Care deals in a variety of Ayurvedic Products, Herbal Products, Beauty Products, massage oils, Hair Care Products, Skin Care Products, Face Care Products. These products are result of extensive research for putting together the power of herbs and the power of science

Vedova’s Amla Hair Oil is an intensive hair growth treatment formula which features Indian gooseberry, Sesame oil, Tea tree oil blended with Coconut oil that prevents hair loss & cure dandruff. #VedovaAmlaHairOil | #HerbalProducts | #Hairtreatment - Vedovas

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Vedova’s Hibiscus Hair Conditioner is an Ayurvedic formulation. It is a unique blend of Quince, Wheat germ oil, Henna, Tea Tree oil, Lemon, Aloevera & fenugreek extracts. #HibiscusHairConditioner | #HerbalProducts | #Hairtreatment

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Vedova's Herbal Face care Products is an Ayurvedic formulation that gently removes impurities, pollutants from the skin deep cleanses pores. It keeps skin perfectly clean, removes excess oil from the skin, remove acne, pimples gives a sensationally fresh feeling all day long

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Vedova’s Hair Regrowth Pack is a unique formulation which contains collection of rare herbs. This pack immerses hair and scalp in natural minerals and organic riches and leaves even dry or chemically treated hair luxuriously full, alive, Keep scalp free from dandruff & microbes

Vedova’s Wave Shower Gel is a Face and Body Cleansing Gel. Wave Shower Gel is a refreshing gel containing marine minerals along with sandal oil, flame of the forest, Spirulina & Turmeric. Vedova’s Wave Shower Gel cleanses without dehydrating, and removes all microbes and pollutants. This shower gel made to leave the skin soft and smooth after use

Vedova’s Almond Body Massage Oil is an Ayurvedic formulation. This soothing oil is a blend of pure Neem, almond, sesame, Tea tree oil and Lemon grass oils, mixed with Daruhaldi, manjistha extract, to relieve tension & body fatigue. Specially formulated for a full-body spa massage, it smoothes away roughness, dryness & eases aching muscles

Vedova’s Herbal Tea Tree Body Wash is Ayurvedic formulations that provide extra rejuvenating to body. Tea tree oil is known for natural beauty, antibacterial & medical traits. Its natural ingredients work perfectly against germs, thus making your fresh & healthy

Vedova’s Lavender Talc contains relaxing fragrance of lavender known for its calming properties. This ultra fine talcum powder leave your skin felling beautifully smooth and silky soft

Vedova's herbal care's formulations are based on ancient Ayurvedic science with modern technologies, the herbs and botanicals used at Vedova's are processed scientifically at the company's manufacturing units

Vedova’s Herbal Aloevera Body Lotion (Moisturiser) is an all purpose lotion that promotes soft, silky & smooth skin. It maintains the pH balance of skin & enhances its moisture retention capacity. Provides 24 hrs nourishment