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an unusual building with many windows and lots of decorations on the outside, in front of a tree
a person on a sailboat in the water near some buildings and palm tree's
the cover of garden decoration 2009, featuring an image of a river and waterfall at sunset
15 jaw-droppingly beautiful waterfalls in Iceland
a woman sitting in the middle of a blue lagoon
The 10 BEST Things to Buy in Iceland
the town is surrounded by snowy mountains and lit up buildings at night in the foreground
Best Places to Visit in Switzerland in Winter - Nomadic Fare • Female Travel & Lifestyle Blog
two people hiking up the side of a green mountain
The 10 Best Hikes in Switzerland
a beautiful sunset over the ocean with boats in the water and buildings on the shore
5 gorgeous hidden gems in the South of France - Forever Imanee
Instagram, Provence France, Mallorca
10 places to go wild swimming in South of France
a woman is walking down the street in front of some buildings with green shutters
Villefranche-sur-Mer: Visit the Most Colorful Town in South France
many people are sitting at tables outside in the sun on a cobblestone street
7 Beautiful Fairytale Villages in the South of France - Europe Travel
an old roof with a bell tower in the background and some buildings on the other side
Athens, Greece
an outdoor dining area with tables, chairs and umbrellas on the side of a building
Eat & Drink Your Way Through Milos: The Best Restaurants, Cafes & Bars
a narrow alley with lots of books lined up on the walls and plants hanging from the ceiling
books, coffee, tea