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Vastu tip! Green is a very good color for growth. It symbolizes growth potential and is soothing to the eyes. Use natural or artificial plants inside the house. Also, gardens are considered very good for growth.


Colours inspire our emotions and behavior. The Vastu colors ideal for your bedroom are soft pastel shades of blue, green and off white to give a more soothing effect. Avoid using dark and excessively bright colors in your bedroom as they can be overwhelming. A little step towards a better peace of mind.. Be Balanced. Be Natural. Be You. – Omved


Vastu tip for bedroom: Indoor plants bring freshness in the house but avoid placing fresh plants in your bed room. Plants release carbon-di-oxide at night, which is harmful for us. Be balanced. Be Natural. Be You. - Omved


This countertop is lovely. It would be equally gorgeous and should be easy for even someone with limited work working experience like myself. Inexpensive. gorgeous. and easy with lots of character. Its calling my name;) James van der Velden