outdoor play, early years - lovely way to display learning

outdoor play, early years - lovely way to display learning. Would be fun to continue to add pictures of outdoor learning throughout the school year.

I love this water & sand area by ArtBeast (",)

A Water and Sand Play Area at the sides, with a rocky waterflow, funnels and hose and lots of Marbles! Design by ArtBeast Gallery — ArtBeast Studio

Mini beast collages made with garden bits :)

Make with estuarine critters? OP: Mini beast collages made with garden bits :)

Pattern making with natural materials

Symmetrical Pattern Making with Natural Materials

objective: children make patters with natural objects foundation: Show interest in visual/auditory/tactile patterns.

good art ed lesson for symmetry texture and color as well as integration into science

This is a great lesson because it integrates science with art in a very cool way. This lesson also helps students learn about texture and color. There are many different principles of art coming from this activity.

Silhouette trees with pattern backgrounds. Beautiful visual art lesson for the fall season. Use tissue paper for the backgrounds to being in stained glass as a topic of art history.

Maybe a a spider for variety. Silhouette trees patterns art lesson project autumn elementary fall Larrea what do you think? just so trees. then backgrounds like this to cahnge it up? we can do pattern in pop art instead?

Sensory Garden ≈ ≈

Children's Sensory Garden Veggie garden to help cut costs down on food! Kids can help maintain it.

Wilderness Festival by Shiny Thoughts #Kids #Outdoors

love the creative spaces you discover at festivals . this teepee play space was seen at Wilderness Festival in the UK

all about me theme for preschoolers | preschool themes All About Me

After going for a walk through the woods, the children are encouraged to make a self portrait with all the nature treasures that they collected. We can use a nice sturdy paper and glue it with tacky glue.Enhances creativity and nature awareness.

Have students create mandala design and recreate it using stones and plants

Tire small world play - you could even fill up an old tire (or small kiddie pool) with good quality sod for a more simple surface.