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3rd year Textiles journal

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15/1/17 I photocopied some of my tracing paper samples which include stitch and non-stitch drawings on to see both images as one piece of work. I copied them in different ways experimenting with the back and front design layout. The darker aspects add another colour gradient to the work with contrast in colour. I will continue to develop different combinations of buildings with colour to create illusions.

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17/1/17 I particularly like this area in the transparency of the fabric as a clear illusion is presented. The way the drawing is not in line with the one underneath presents abstract effects.

17/1/17 I drew over the whole of the drawing onto the transparent fabric. I like the layered effect and would like to develop this piece further by stitching on top of it in certain areas. I will think carefully about the areas that i will stitch and the intensity of stitch.

16/1/17 I used the sewing machine to stitch over the top of my tracing paper samples using green thread. This time i tried to present thicker lines by thoroughly stitching in the same place to fill solid colour.

16/1/17 I placed the silk organza fabric over the top of my wall drawing and l will draw over the lines with a felt tip pen. I am interested in creating layers and feel that he transparency in the fabric works well in creating an abstract illusion. The many creases in the fabric create further lines in different directions but i feel this does distract the viewers eye from the original drawing lines.

15/1/16 I bought some silk organza fabric from the college shop and decided to stitch my drawings on top of it. I like the transparency of the fabric and feel it would work well in creating a multi layered composition. Also i could think about how lightening may affect the work and bring a new element of shadow.

15/1/17 Continuation of tracing paper drawing with similar colours to create abstract illusion effects is interesting. I could think abut how many layers is needed and whether different colours would work in creating a better contrast .

15/1/17 This time i tried to present thicker lines within the dissolvable fabric so that it would be more substantial when taken out of the water. It will hopefully be stronger and present the intended lines within the original drawing.

15/1/17 The back of the fabric, i found interesting with contrasting colours although tightness has accrued creating a closed drawing. I will now go on to develop this piece in water to see the dissolved effect.