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16/5/15 A bought a few boxes of these mini pegs, which will work on my washing line to attach my samples on.

18/5/16 This is my final display for assessment .

17/5/16. I found this sewing set in a shop , it's interesting to see how chocolate is being made into these shapes.

17/5/16. This is my display layout at the moment . I will experiment with positioning the table in different ways.

17/5/16 I started to display my work on the shelfs , I think it is going to take quite a while to unpack my nine boxes of ceramic work . Also it will take a lot of thought to which pieces to have on display .

17/5/16. My washing mind is up with the samples on . I used a drill to attach the brackets on the wall. I put similar style pieces together with wood at the top and plastic and fabric at the bottom . I feel there is a good contrast from hard wood piece to the gentle plastic and fabric .

16/5/16 I painted the wall and table again and left it to all dry off.

16/5/16 I could see patches of holes within the wall so I used polly filler to fill in the gaps.

16/5/16 I also painted the wall too with white paint to give a crisp clean finish.

16/5/16 I found where my assessment studio space was and painted the table so that it is a nice clean background for my work to be shown on .