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This image is made up of 13 different gels of mine and it documents what they all look like at different exposures when shone onto a plain white wall. They are metered at the central point in the image to maintain consistency. The f numbers at the side represent the f number the camera was set too, the power of the light stayed the same but I just let more or less light into the camera respectively. -Click to Enlarge-

At first glance, it seems like an easy thing to achieve: how hard can it be to get a great looking gelled background in your portrait?

Headshot Posing: Before and After

Headshot Posing: Before and After -- (i'm interested in the tips but that is a LOT of photoshop on her face. not sure that's where you want to go for a professional headshot.

Good to know!

Learn how to pose well for photos. Great tips - Can't wait to try these - i was just telling the girls today I missed the class on posing for pictures all girls seemed to have taken.

Sue Bryce - THE RULES: “Chin Shoulder Hands Hourglass Body language Asymmetry Connection”

” Jamie replies “Chin Shoulder Hands Hourglass Body language Asymmetry Connection is the chin forward . is the shoulder connected . are the hands relaxed . is there body language, asymmetry?