Erikka Innes

Erikka Innes
California / An SF Weekly pick for best comedian to follow on twitter and COMMANDER OF THE NERD LEGION.
Erikka Innes
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What is a Geek? I love how one step to the right of Geek is Mad Scientist.

Egypt Avengers by *ChristianNauck  What’s that annoying shadow blocki—oh. LOL. That shadow totally got me.

Christian Nauck is a freelance illustrator, comic artist and character designer based in Berlin, Germany. He did this as a cover art for Marvel’s “Avengers Art Appreciation” variants. You guys noticed the Loki shadow too, right?

Futuristic Robotic Spider Dress

Dutch-based designer combines fashion and technology to create a creepy couture robotic spider dress, complete with animatronic shoulder pad limbs.