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The changing role of CIOs is to enable the transformation of organization, society and coordinate the operational and transactional processes. With a change in role, the CIO could never be quite like a master, but he/she would be the right point to associate a stimulus with the right partners to make the company very adaptable. So let’s take look at changing role of CIOs… #CIO

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Which of the following protocols are network layer encryption protocols? a) SSL b) EFS c) IPSec d) Kerberos ‪#‎networksecurity‬

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Which of the following are most vulnerable to injection attacks? A. Session IDs B. Registry keys C. Regular expressions D. SQL queries based on user input #sqlinjections #websitesecurity #datasecurity

An exclusive coverage over CIO Axis featuring the importance of ‪#‎DR‬, ‪#‎DRdrills‬ and a case-study about a recent incident at Dhule & Nandurbar DCCB and how having a DR strategy helped them save their Business. ‪#‎BCP‬ ‪#‎BusinessContinuityPlanning‬ Read more:

"Companies that can't resume normal operations within 10 days after a disaster, are unlikely to revive nor survive due to loss of data." Does your Business have a Real #DisasterRecovery & #BusinessContinuity Plan (#BCP) in place? Get a solution today, visit:

How to Ensure the Continuity of #IT Services? Companies need to adopt a set of best practices aimed at ensuring disaster recovery #technologies and its availability for business continuity. Read here now! #disasterrecovery #businesscontinuity #DRonCloud #ITsolutions

Reduce IT cost with eNlight Cloud based Desktop Solution. ESDS desktop-as-a-Service provides enterprises the necessary flexibility to operate from any location with continuous back up and data protection. Read this case study to learn more: #eNlightcloud #casestudy #DaaS

Planning For a DR Site? Do you think its time to plan for a #DR site? Checkout this article to know more for efficient #DisasteRecovery planning.

What is data encryption standard (DES)? a) block cipher b) stream cipher c) bit cipher d) none of the mentioned #cybersecurity #encryption

With the Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solution, MCGM achieves a lower TCO, upto 70% cost reduction against traditional DR, Zero cap-ex and Zero downtime for a large SAP landscape. #DRaaS #BusinessContinuity #SAP