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The time to process the remote backup can be reduced by A. Flags B. Breakpoints C. Redo points D. Checkpoints #BackUp #Data

#Evolving CIO’s role in Modern Enterprise IT! The right priorities #CIOs should focus on to approach for solutions & get the most out of #IT for reaching #business goals for #modern #enterprises. Read more!

#BankingFrontiers, A leading banking magazine has honored Best #CEO award of state co-operative banks to Shri. Pramodji Karnad, #ManagingDirector of Maharashtra State Co-operative Bank (#MSCB) in a conference recently held at New Delhi. ESDS Congratulates Hon. Pramodji for the achievement and many more to come.

@esdsdc - Fully Managed Datacenter congratulates #NUBA for being awarded as the best URBAN CO-OP BANK ASSOCIATION in India by National Banking Frontier (#FCBA) in two categories at New Delhi felicitated by Mr. Jyotindra Mehta president #NAFCUB (National Federation Of Urban Cooperative Banks And Credit Societies Limited) NEW DELHI. Received by Hon. Mr. Ajay Bramhecha, Hon. Mr. Bhaskar Kothawade & Hon. Mrs. Shashi Ahire “.

Waning of Spamming! Every business must adopt and follow all the guidelines to make sure the #business campaigns aren’t considered as a nuisance or harmful due to #spam. Know here why #spamming has seen a downturn.

Is eCommerce industry in #India a ‘bubble’ to burst? #ECommerce industry has climbed the steep slope of high hill and waiting at the tip. Can it sustain itself or the #eCommercebubble will burst?

Get Ready to eNlighten yourself with futuristic #technology! Check out our #Cloud and #Datacenter Services at #businessgrowth #IOT

How many types of Cache do you know? In this article, we’re going to see a term that we use or heard quite often, i.e. Cache. Here, we’ll try to cover all the sides of #Cache usage. #browser #internet