U.S. Naval Submarine Service

Serving on two 637 Class Fast Attack Submarines as a Fire Control Technician Guns (Under water warfare system expert) SS- Silent Service/DV- U.S. Navy Diver…
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F-22 vs F-35: See The Major Differences in The Raptor vs Lightning
This just scratches the surface! Click to read more about the F-22 Raptor and how it compares to the new F-35 Lightning II. Unit cost, dogfight comparisons and more. Be sure to follow us for more awesome pins like this! #aviation #aircraft #military #airforce #planes #jets #militaryaircraft #f22 #f35 #infographic
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Video Captures Flooding After Hawaii Storms
Please help send supplies to our Brothers/Sisters dealing with the MASS FLOODING in HAWAII, Thank you. Now that is some serious flooding, no wonder our Captain had us out at sea so often. The Hawaiian Islands get hit hard, any of the crew members from the USS Hawkbill SSN 666 still living in the Hawaiian Islands. Leave a quick comment that your okay please. Video Captures Flooding After Hawaii Storms
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Most Dangerous Countries in the World
Americans continue to ignore real statistics.
navy seals t - shirt with the words, only god can decide if territorials are right or wrong it's our job to arrange the meeting
SEALSWCC.COM | The Official Navy SEAL + SWCC Website of the U.S. Government
U.S. NAVY SEALS | Silent heroes who walk in courage and humility to pay the price for our freedom.
the navy emblem with an american flag on it
because of the stories of my grandfather, I've always had a small obsession with anything having to do with the Navy ♡
an orange and black book cover with the words bodypop on it's left side
Military Fashion Show
Military Fashion Show, a song by And One on Spotify
an image of a fire breathing dragon on a tile wall with the words, absolutely cum
Dr. Feelgood
Dr. Feelgood, a song by Mötley Crüe on Spotify
ISIS captures 4,000,000 Million Women https://youtu.be/uTgzeADTV3g History Books, Iraqi Women, Evil World, Fallen Heroes, Muslim Women, New Woman, Daily Mail, Good People, Government
ISIS captures 4,000,000 Million Women https://youtu.be/uTgzeADTV3g
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Alec Baldwin offers to end his 'SNL' Trump parody: 'Release your tax returns and I'll stop'
The latest episode of "Saturday Night Live" opened with Alec Baldwin continuing to impersonate... Serve on an ACTUAL U.S. Naval Submarine for 6 Months Alec Baldwin, a Fast Attack Nuclear Submarine and then Donald J. Trump will consider showing you his Tax Returns. Also, Bernie Sanders has to provide his FULL TAX RETURNS! No one really care about your SNL Skit and you are FAR FROM the caliber whom serve in the U.S. Naval Submarine Service 24/7/365! You like to act like a HERO without QUALIFYING