TIP of the DAY: Having a tripod is an essential piece of a photographer's kit, however, I often find myself out in the field without one, or without the time to set one up; lest I lose a precious moment. Over the years I've experimented with a technique that I now rely on in many shooting situations. When shooting volleyball action shots of Jessica, we were losing light fast! I braced my right elbow against my abdomen, counted in her jump, and timed it with me taking one deep breath. At the…

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TIP of the DAY: It's all about details...or rather details you might not see if capturing from a different angle. When shooting promotional images for Nyla Helene, I noticed Ayoki's amazing profile; a beautiful combination of curves, lines, and her perfectly symmetrical heart shaped lips. Experiment with angles, and allow the details to tell their own story! www.eulandasheadphotography.com

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TIP of the DAY: It's always great to have a vision of what you'd like to capture. However, collaborating with other creatives can really take your ideas to the next level. This photo was taken on my very first gig in London with a local music artist. I often admired the personal style and creative aesthetic of a colleague of mine, so I asked her to come and help style the shoot. She brought so many fantastic ideas to the process! Since that time three years ago, Stacie Bee and I have…

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TIP of the DAY: Try actually being in some of the photos that you shoot. When I saw my husband sitting on a wooden log fence, reading a magazine one late autumn afternoon, I knew I also wanted to be in the photo with him. So I manually adjusted the settings on my camera to blow out the sun, and changed my internal lens setting to automatic focus to reduce camera shakiness. I stood exactly where I wanted the photo taken from, had my cousin take my position (after showing her the framing I…

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TIP of the DAY: had someone message me regarding shooting food photos. Here's a helpful tip! I now only use plain white plates when I photograph my meals. Prints and colours compete with the texture and colours of your meal. I also like putting the food right on a wooden chopping board for a more rustic look. Bring attention to the food, versus what it's resting on! Enjoy your day! www.eulandasheadphotography.com

TIP of the DAY: You might have an idea of the story you'd like to capture, but what about finding personal stories that speak for themselves? When attending the second ‪#‎bringbackourgirls‬ rally in London, I captured so many images of people singing, chanting, praying, and shouting in protest. I mean, protests are often characterized by their vocal girth, right? However, I was intrigued by the only silent protestor I encountered. What's his story? www.eulandasheadphotography.com

TIP of the DAY: Utilize colour to grab the viewer's attention. When shooting campaign images for KulchicBeauty, I knew the photos had to highlight the makeup. My key points of colour focus: background, hair, eyes, makeup & skin. So, experimenting with a mix of (bold) contrasting colours constantly brings back a wandering eye! www.eulandasheadphotography.com/workshops

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TIP of the DAY: There are times when being in front of the camera is not easy. Showing natural, and sincere expressions can be difficult for many reasons. One technique I use to relax my clients, is getting them to laugh, and quickly capturing the moment. Then I show them a before and after image. 9 out of 10 times they prefer the real emotion pouring through. Try it out, and click away! www.eulandasheadphotography.com

TIP of the DAY: Lighting Textures....when shooting pieces from Ziindya Crea's Fall 2014 line, we shot outside underneath a bridge, on a cold rainy day. The soft diffused lighting complimented the cross grain texture of the stunning hat. Too much light could make the black texture appear harsh and uneven. Play around with how artificial and natural light effects various textures, and #clickaway....www.eulandasheadphotography.com/workshops

TIP of the DAY: Addicted to filters? Try using filters sparingly. Not every photo has to look instagrammed. Look at the layers in your photo. Many filters often reduce the depth field, flatten, and eliminate many details. When used carefully, filters can bring attention to areas of your image that you might want to highlight. Shoot with the idea that you'll do very little editing. It's ok to let your photos breathe.... www.eulandasheadphotography.com/workshops

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