The real boat behind the movie Pirate Radio. Music was heard in the UK over pirate radio stations such as Radio Caroline

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Pirate Radio CAROLINE was the No.1 Pirate Radio station of the 1960s - First broadcast was Easter 1964 on 199 meters medium wave. Anchored just outside territorial waters off Frinton, Radio Caroline broadcast from the Mi Amigo until 1967. We have hundreds of broadcasts on CD (or download) from 1964 to 1978 of Radio Caroline visit our website.

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Pirate RADIO NORTH SEA INTERNATIONAL broadcast from the Mebo ii boat off Noordwiik Holland on 220 metres medium wave from January 1970 through to August 1974, The Radio Northsea International CD plays for approx. 9.75 hours - These original broadcasts from Radio RNI were recorded via reel to reel tape in the seventies and have been enhanced / converted to MP3 format as technology has allowed - MP3 format plays on most modern CD players, Ipods, computers and most DVD players

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The Days of Pearly Spenser - a pirate radio favourite

Pirate Radio USA - learn the real story about how the USA has now taken away more rights from citizens and use the Pirate Radio as scapegoats for various issues. The mega corporations that own the airwaves will not be thwarted - they own the airwaves and those that are elected to protect us from tyranny are now in bed with corporations to take more of our rights. Do not mistake this as a Democracy - we are an Oligarchy much like the dystopia of the future in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged....

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