Woman on a ledge: Artist creates vertigo-inducing images of herself perched precariously on top of some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers

The images above become 10 times more impressive when you learn they’re self portraits. Ahn Jun’s portfolio revolves around self portraits captured in precarious situations. Death-Defying Self Portraits Taken at the Edge of the World via Fubiz

Balancing Elements.

Olszewski exercises aboard Makin Island in the Red Sea on Monday. Olszewski serves with Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 268 (Reinforced), the aviation combat element for the Marine Expeditionary Unit.

Balancing elements.

From New York to Hong Kong – B/W Photography by Gábor Erdélyi


Experimental and Conceptual Photography. Photographer Ben Zank was born in Bronx, New York. At the age of he began taking photographs.

Depth of Field.

It's called the jar of wishes tree. People hang jar with their wishes written on a piece of paper inside it, and hang it on this tree. When it rains and the jar fills up with water, the wishes are said to come true :)


Norway-based photographer Xin Li creates images with an emotional depth to them. Whether she shoots a straightforward portrait of a young woman or a close-