interesting concept for a zine; it has to be ripped open at the side before the reader can peruse the contents. Would they keep the secrets inside, or would they tear it open?

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- journal stitch - this is more a journal type of binding. You can use a soft cover, or you can make holes in a hard cover for the stitches.

Book binding essentials

Jiani Lu – Bookbinding Essentials booklet for a coptic binding workshop with -ING, a Dubai creative comunity

We designed a booklet to capture Bynd Artisan’s wealth of experience, knowledge and history, and to act as a tactile extension of their capabilities and dedication to their craft. Also doubling up as a product catalogue, the booklet celebrates the spirit of creativity by utilising an assortment of paper sizes and stocks, each with its own tactile characteristic. Finally, the booklet was collated and hand-bound with Singer sewing in three different thread colours.

Bynd Artisan Brochure by &Larry

COS looked to partner with Wednesday at brand-inception to clearly define a visual brand-communication that strayed away from a traditional advertising campaign, whilst educating consumers and staf.