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What a difference a year can make.

and at this very same time next year, things will be so different. Yes they were but on another hand I pray that at this time next year things are EVEN better and I will look back and say this again with a smile and not tears.

4 Standing Core Exercises That Will Sculpt Your Abs From Every Angle

While you shouldn’t neglect your floor abs workout entirely, standing exercises are a great way to mix up your regular routine. So give the four-move circuit below a try (be sure to save the Pin below for easy reference). You’ll need one dumbbell—start wi

Almost Mr. & Mrs. Quiz, do this for the bride then switch the bride to groom and quiz.

A quiz for the soon-to-be Mr. is the perfect way to break the ice during a bridal shower, and provide entertainment for the bachelorette. Prior to the pre-wedding event, ask the Groom the.