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Kumho Tyre knows the importance of proven partnerships and how critical it is in business to compete with the big franchise players within the industry. Our program is designed to provide your business with the “best of both worlds” where you will keep your independence but also enjoy fantastic brand association with one of Australia’s big tyre brands

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Kumho Tyres has joined forces with Midcoast Tyres to create a new store at Sheidow Park. The Kumho/Midcoast Tyres partnership commenced in 2013 and in 2015, the two will again join forces with a brand new store.

Kumho Tyre is a globally recognised and respected brand that takes pride in both their products, and their customer service. There will be no better place to experience this than Kumho’s 50th Platinum retailer in Morningside, QLD.

Required truck & bus tyres? It's not just any truck tyre. It's a Kumho truck tyre - one of the best in the business. Each Kumho Truck tyre is built with industry leading technology assuring superior quality, reliability and durability.

Queen Victoria Building (QVB)

Australian drivers are putting themselves and others at risk by ignoring four crucial components of their vehicles: their tyres. In a recent independent study1 by Kumho Tyre Australia, it was discovered that less than 5% of drivers check their tyre pressure when filling up at the bowser.

kumho tyres offer practical files containing buying advice and tyre maintenance and testing the new arrivals in the market.

Kumho Tyres are the smart choice for durability, quality and value for money. We offer auto tyres for cars, 4WD, SUV, Trucks, Buses and Motorsport.

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Having reasonable tyre dealers like Kumho tyres does mean it has easily access to find a quality tyre for your vehicle. It seems difficult to find a suitable donor is getting a big problem for vehicle owner.

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Looking to get tyres online? If you need a tyre for your Car, SUV, Bus, Truck or Light Commercial Vehicle in Australia, you must visit the website of Kumho Tyres Australia.

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