Contemporary bracelets; Miao Silver (Silver and White Brass) by Hmong Jewelry artisans from the Hill Tribes of the Western Provinces | 52$ each

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Africa | Berber necklace with 7 big resin amber beads and 7 strings with lots of beads; trade beads, ceramic beads, and I counted even 5 worn out plastic beads, the most recent addings. The majority is 100 years and older, some big carnelians must be even 300 years old. Most beads are, but not every bead is, in perfect condition. | 600 Euro

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Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet 2 AMETHYST stones Cherub Art Nouveau Repoussé by Minnie Wiggles. $675.00, via Etsy.

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Aurora Joleen | bracelets.

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