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Eva Wermter

Eva Wermter
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Sixty Years Of Memories | Nothing But Bonfires

Nothing But Bonfires : Sixty Years Of Memories Use this idea as a birthday gift. Request family members and friends to send Memories of the loved one. Place each memory in a separate envelope and then present to the bday person.

134 Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness - And Then We Saved

From my 'Things to Know' board: 134 Random Acts of Kindness. Just a hint for a happier day. :) I love Random Acts of Kindness, but I'm shy, so I need lists like this to give me ideas of nice things I can do without drawing attention to myself.

Good grammar never goes out of style.

Get a laugh out of grammar geeks and hipsters everywhere with this I Prefer My Puns Intended tank! The American Apparel Tank Top is a combed cotton, mid-lightweight jersey fabric tank with a classic, slimming cut