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a dog wearing a party hat sitting in front of an oven
rosie wells – unravel me
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a dog wearing a blue hoodie sitting on top of a chair with it's head sticking out
35 Funny And Adorable Dogs That Were Sneakily Photographed And Ended On Up On ‘Dogs Poorly Photograp
We might love our four-legged canine pals more than some of our human friends, but we can’t expect them to be as graceful as cats in front of the camera. Combine the stoic derpiness of some dogs with some rough (or is that 'ruff'?) camera angles from amateur photographers sneaking after the four-legged animals and you get the formula for awkward humor
a close up of a dog's nose with blue eyes
a white cat with flowers on it's back
Tienda de runcatrun | Redbubble
runcatrun: Los más vendidos Pegatinas | Redbubble
a pink cat with big eyes sitting on the ground, looking to its left sticker
Steven Universe Stickers for Sale
a spider - man is reading a newspaper while wearing a santa hat
a drawing of a paper clip with the words homosexualityexnal tendences on it
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spider - man playing the guitar and wearing a sombrero