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a man in a suit and bow tie standing in front of trees with no leaves
an animated image of a man looking at something
an animated man holding a blue object in his hand
an anime character is staring at the camera
an animated image of a young man in a white outfit with black hair and blue eyes
an animated image of a man with blue eyes and black hair, standing in the rain
☆ mizu
young mizu | blue eye samurai | icon
a young man standing in the rain at night with his head turned to the side
a close up of a person with blue eyes and black hair looking at the camera
Mizu Wallpaper - Blue Eye Samurai💙
an anime character with brown hair and green eyes
☆ mizu
a man with glasses looking at something in front of him and snow covered trees behind him
an anime character with large round glasses on his head
a drawing of a man with blue eyes and a bow tie in front of a red background
Lemon on Instagram: "Shes so baby girl to me but like in the way people call Patrick Bateman baby girl - Don’t look at the hatching too much idk what I’m doing. But also‼️‼️ congrats to the team on Blue Eye Samurai from absolutely sweeping the Annie awards definitely deserved‼️also also I rlly wanna redraw the second slide probably my favorite expression in the whole show from a seriously undertalked about scene!! - Tags: #blueeyesamurai #blueeyesamuraifanart #blueeyesamuraimizu"
an anime character in the snow with trees behind him
соня вор): on Instagram: "#blueeyesamurai #mizu"
an animated image of a young man writing in front of a tree with no leaves