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a map showing the location of major cities in france and where they are located with markers
the front window of a store with an arched glass sign that reads, chocolaterie lafere rue fondadaudege
three desserts on a wooden plate with white flowers in the center and text below
the text is written in russian and english
the text is written in two languages, and it appears to be an old english language
the text is written in russian and english
Gold Necklace, Gold
three chocolate bars wrapped in cellophane and tied with yellow ribbon
a round box filled with chocolate covered candies on top of a marble countertop
an old fashioned tin is sitting on the table
the words 10 amazing secret spots in bordeaux
10+ Secret Spots in Bordeaux You Must Visit in France | solosophie
two pictures one with tables and chairs, the other has an image of people eating outside
the cover of an article about art and architecture in france, with text overlaying it
7 Things To Do In Arles: An Underrated Gem In Provence, France | The Travelling Nerd
an advertisement for the walking tour of charles van goghn's paintings in france
The Ultimate Self Guided Walking Tour of Arles, in the Footsteps of Van Gogh - The Creative Adventurer
four different types of art work with the words van goghn in english and french
HOW I FOUND VAN GOGH IN ARLES :: Paintings and locations