Some editorial design. Back to basics

RAYGUN - David Carson

Ray Gun Magazine cover "Beck" by David Carson / Issue 39 / September 1996 - using photography and messy type (for photograms idea)

13 animals in logo:   penguin, seal, crocodile, chameleon, lion, octopus, elephant, three birds, snake, giraffe & seahorse

ZOO animals logo by Jan Zabransky, via Behance. Take advantage of negative space!

Three stars Food Magazine Editorial Design

A layout of Creative magazine design inspirations: Three stars Food Magazine Editorial Design.

makeshift / Santos Henarejos

60 Stunning Pieces Of Editorial Design

Editorial design is usually a custom made design to place the content and other graphics in a magazine.

Layout 2 cores

MagSpreads - Editorial Design and Magazine Layout Inspiration: Flatmate's Handbook - Lauren Earl