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Hearing Aids

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Confused between two hearing aids or one? Read #HearingAids

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The fact – “Bats cannot see” might be a myth but “invisible hearing aid” is not. Check this out: #ExpertHearingCare #HearingAids

From Full shell to Deep canal, we have the best quality custom in-the-ear models made to fit the contours of your ear canal. Visit us: #ExpertHearingCare #Custombuild

We do a full hearing assessment which will diagnose your hearing loss & steer us towards the kind of hearing aids that will suit you best. Visit us today: #ExpertHearingCare

Wearing hearing aids for the first time? With a good fit, you will get used to it in no time. Visit us today: #ExpertHearingCare #HearingAids

Digital hearing aids now connect directly with gadgets improving the quality of sound signal received. Check it out: #HearingAids #ExpertHearingCare

Check out Siemens Aquaris! World’s first waterproof hearing aid. Nothing can stop you from enjoying the rain! #HearingAids

Like a headphone, Digital hearing aids can also tell the difference between speech and background noise like traffic, ambient noise etc. Click here for further details: #HearingAids #ExpertHearingCare

New classes of hearing aids has arrived that can be described as truly invisible. Check it out: #Hearingaids #ExpertHearingCare

We have the best hearing aids that money can buy. Phonak is best in class. See video #Phonak #ExpertHearingCare