12 Things to Remember If You Love an Alcoholic

Caring for someone in the throes of active addiction is often a trial for body, mind and spirit.

The 4 Stages of a Functioning Alcoholic (Graphic: Business Wire)

A Guy Walks into a Bar... Addiction Campuses Explains the Four Stages of Functional Alcoholism

As part of Alcoholism Awareness Month, Addiction Campuses is promoting education and raising awareness about the 4 stages of functional alcoholism.

My goal is not to allow the addict in my life to destroy me - but me to love them and encourage their recovery without loosing myself.

I honestly can compare to this. I have many family members (unnamed) that are addicted to drugs and it destroys me when I see them one month and see them the next and they're so tiny. It destroys me Heartbroken and destroyed

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I know this is meant for cheaters.but I have a lot of parts of my life that I can't I like to have the people in my life who can remember things for me

This applies with EVERYTHING!!!

I have a hope, people realize you don't need alcohol to have fun. Sometimes there's a drinking problem you don't even realize. Sober life is a better life .

Yes! This is so true, living with an addict takes all of the above not everyone is strong enough to stay but if you did, "My hats off to you"

Loving and experiencing living with an addict takes WORK! You want so much better for them and you want to help them but yet you don't want to be a doormat to them.

Memories of Alcohol - reading this is ALWAYS a good reminder of what life was like.

Memories of Alcohol

Memories of Alcohol Quote about Alcoholism, Addiction, Recovery and Sobriety

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I love my alcoholism, I despised it for a long time in my sobriety. Today, I realize it's the best side of me (I feel very alive sober)