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5 Steps to Bow Shooting Basics: Stance  Grip Tactics-- this could come in handy
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These are slightly different than the NASP 11 steps. It would make a good comparison activity. More

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If your posture is incorrect, you will not be able to find your anchor points and thus be unable to aim properly.

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5 Best Archery Tips for Beginners from Locavore Kristen Schmitt

Kristen Schmitt shoots her bow and gives archery tips from her first time at an indoor archery range.

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In archery, it is important to keep your shoulders in line. In picture A, the individual would have a difficult time aiming because they are using their muscles to hold the bow. I realize that you use muscles to hold the bow, but in picture B, the individual is using the bones in their arm to hold the pressure of the bow, allowing for a steadier aim.

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