Reasons to Be Present | Living in the present is an important component to living a blissful life. Knowing why you should be present in the moment can motivate you to more forward.

Enjoy every moment because a great day could turn into the worst in a few seconds.

wherever you are, be all there | jim elliot quote

Wherever you are be all there - Jim Elliot hand drawn type by Melissa Horrocks

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Attention is the rarest form of generosity.Especially in the world of smart phones! I need to be better too.

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Past and present don't exist in living or in life. They are concepts that we as humans have created to prove the exist of "self" which also does not exist. We are beings that are part of the present moment. If we existed before or if we will exist later is unimportant. The present moment is all there is. Getting rid of time means that our life is unlimited, that we are infinite and we no longer must feel defined to one self, to one life.

We are all so busy these days! Being present in the moment is something we all struggle with. Find out how to be more present and live each day to the fullest!