Cherry tree

How to Grow a Cherry Tree...nature's candy!

How to Grow a Cherry Tree From Seeds

Michigan’s Tart Cherry tree

My Grandfather would get so angry as even after he put nets over his cherry tree the birds would still manage to get a good helping. He loved my Grandmother's cherry jam and cherry pie. He didn't want them to steal all his precious cherries.

The Showiest Of All Cherry Trees   - Kwanzan Cherry could be the showiest of all the cherries! When other Cherry trees start to fade, the Kwanzan blossoms take over.  Double blossoms make this tree the star of spring! Each blossom has double the petals, making it look like a flower within a flower. Deep-pink blossoms grow in...

Some say that Kwanzan is the prettiest of all cherry trees. In late April it bursts with large, fluffy, pink blossoms resembling mini-carnations.

I love Bing cherries and no doubt this variety of cherry is one most of us are familiar with. However, there are a number of cherry tree types. Among the varieties of cherry trees, is there a cherry tree suited for your landscape? Click here to learn more.

Cherry Tree Types – What Are Some Common Varieties Of Cherry Trees

A photo of beautiful cherry trees with cherries in orchard.

A cherry blossom tree in spring in Ichinoseki, Iwate, Japan.

I love a cherry blossoms tree as much as the next person. Yes the mess they make when they loose their flower is annoying but worth it as it decorates the roads and paths to make lasting memories;

Dwarf Weeping Cherry Trees...

Add Grace to Your Garden With These 19 Weeping Trees

Ever wondered where those sweet summer favorites come from? Grow your own cherry trees with help from The Old Farmer's Almanac!


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Weeping Cherry

My Absolutely Favorite Tree! The Weeping Cherry is a spectacular, fast-growing tree of uncommon beauty.