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#Careergirl: Start A Business From Your Bedroom With No Budget

PENELOPE CRUZ | Broken Embraces, dir. Pedro Almodóvar | 2009

Tea Etiquette, Whats Cooking America

Pedro Almodovar's latest film "Broken Embraces" ("Los Abrazos Rotos") shown at Cannes Film Festival in competition, drops his distinctive comic melodrama for the best tradition of "film noir," the dark and stylish film genre used in many crime dramas.

A weekend well spent

A weekend well spent (POLIENNE)

…brings a week of content, right? This weekend was all about meeting up with old friends, raiding IKEA once again, dressing up for a Wes Anderson-inspired theme party, having too much coff

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Coffee Brewing How To

George Harrison, Richard Starkey, John Lennon, and Paul McCartney drinking tea through the years

The Beatles in color: Unseen photos

"Cup o' tea? Yes I would love a cup o' tea." Paul: Well I didn't ask you but would you like a cup of tea? "Yes I would love a cup of tea.

The mini MBA in Sales Dynamics: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/theminimba #MBA #miniMBA #SouthBeach

The Lab: Handcrafted Coffee & Comforts

Thomas Peters is founder and owner of the coffee shop, The Lab Handcrafted Coffees & Comforts, in Lafayette, Louisiana.

lady drinking tea #camillestyles #blackandwhite

Hello & Goodbye

Ok, I just have to say that curlers NEVER look this nice and put together in the morning for me. But, the idea of drinking tea with perfect curlers in your hair is nice.

What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Coffee?

This Is Your Body on Coffee [Infographic]

What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Coffee? I drink coffee up until bedtime. I fall asleep before the room gets dark. Where does that fit on the chart?

See how people around the world take a cup of coffee!

Coffee Culture Around the World : TravelChannel.com