Electrical breaker box

Good idea

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Breaker Box Cover - How to create a Fabric Wall Art to cover your ugly breaker box - www.ProjectGoble.com

Breaker Box: Now you see it... Now you don't

Come learn a fabulous way to disguise an unsightly electrical box with this DIY electrical box cover tutorial from DIY beautify for Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body!

Faced with an unsightly electrical box in my laundry room, I came up with a clever solution to completely disguise it! Get all the details at DIY beautify!

Typical home breaker box

If you have a circuit panel in NJ it may need upgrading or repair. We offer main service panel electrical services to give your home the power it requires.

SUPER SMART IDEA! Color Coding Your Circuit Breaker Box

Color Coding Your Circuit Breaker Box

Our breaker box is not nearly so big. so colors are easier to see. Color code your breaker box and the matching menu. Use paint, nail polish, or cut circles out of different color paper or paint swatches and glue or tape them on.

circuit breaker box. how to hide ugly stuff. I would never have thought of this.

Disguise Any Household Eyesore With These Clever Tricks

Pallet Art! Made it to cover up an ugly electrical box in my entryway.

Totally not looking at the painting but I love the idea of wrapping ugly support beams in rope

The best way to label your breaker box ever.

If You Haven't Labeled Your Breaker Box Yet...

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