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Force attack

How to Protect WordPress site from Brute Force Attacks

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no i'm not okay I saw rogue one and now my heart is in 50 million pieces

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Prayer: Attacks by the Enemy

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On Tuesday Morning, Carrie Fisher went to a galaxy far far away, far far too soon. The 60-year-old actress died after suffering a heart attack during her flight to Los Angeles following a trip to London last week. Though Fisher was best known for her role as Princess Leia in “Star Wars,” the actress was …

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star wars episode 2 movie poster Check out our review here:

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Rogue One/ Avatar:tLA crossover.... this is great and perfect because it's my two biggest fandoms

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Princess Leia - Mike Mitchell

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I have a theory that the rebels named Rogue squadron in honor of the Rogue One crew but they didn't allow any of them to be called Rogue One because the Rogue One crew still existed in all of their hearts.

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Princess Leia Organa: We have no time for sorrows, Commander. You must use the information in this R-2 unit to help plan the attack- it's our only hope.

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