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Google turns

His birthday is the 30th too HAHAHAHA CRAFTING

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As The World Turns (1956-2010) is yet another serial I grew up watching. Oakdale, like Springfield, will always have a special place in my heart.

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Teaching Writing using Google

7 Ways Writing Can Be Easier in the Google Classroom | Help your students during writer's workshop in a whole new way.

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ATWT's most fashionable

Terri Conn as Katie Peretti Snyder - As the World Turns - later as Aubrey Wentworth on One Life to Live

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I polled some students who have been using Google Classroom and here are some tips they came up with for students using Google Classroom. 1) Ownership Changes When you TURN IN an assignment the tea...

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Learn how to create a video assignment in Google Classroom so that your students can upload their work to Google Classroom.

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Android users can bring Harry Potter spells to life with new Google voice commands. By using the app to command ‘Lumos,’ 'Nox’ and 'Silencio,’ you can 'Ok Google’ your way to turning on your phone’s flashlight, turning it off again, and muting the volume. Source Source 2 Users can also explore the world of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” with Google Street View.

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Google Classroom