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11 Casual Ways to drape a Saree

Photo: Ram Shergill  Designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla

Mesmerizing Indian Couture, Captured by the Sea

“Vrindavan: where Krishna is. A riot of multi-hued silk-thread embroidery anoints this multi-paneled skirt. From a collection inspired by the mythological tales of Krishna playing Holi in the city of Vrindaran.

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The best thing about sheer dupattas? All the gorgeous embellishment on your hair and blouses can be admired, so when we were doing our routine Pinterest rounds (umm which is basically 6 times a day), we spotted this.  Wearing jewellery on the back of your blouse or even trying out body jewels is n

#NewTrend: Would You Wear Jewellery On Your Back?

High Society Sandal

High Society Sandal

12 Chic Style Shoes You Need Right Now For This Season - Gold embellished high society sandal. Very Indian summer. I'm in love. The Best of sandals in