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How to Install Google Adsense Ads in the Header, Footer & Sidebar of your Blog

Ready to monetize your blog with Google Ads? Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to install adsense in the header, footer and sidebar of your Wordpress blog.

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Linking Google Analytics to WordPress // Find out why you need to install Google Analytics on your blog or website. Plus, get a short video tutorial on how to install the GA tracking script on your WordPress website.

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Code it Pretty is an awesome blog for getting help and answers to coding issues for your blog!!!

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How to get started with Google Analytics including how to install Google Analytics on your website or blog and start interpreting the data -

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How To Install Google Analytics On A WordPress & Genesis Websit

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How to Install Google Analytics

How to Install Google Analytics on Your WordPress or Blogger Blog, Setting Up Google Analytics, Blog Tips, Blog Tutorial

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Getting Started with Google Analytics

If you want to go beyond the simple data and have a better understanding of exactly what your visitors are doing on your site, Google Analytics is an extremely useful tool.

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