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The winners are those who learn ta take full responsibility for their actions. The losers are those who blame others for their failures.


Most people would love to have a daughter like me. You blew it." No, Linda-- if you were human, you'd always want your child. YOU chose and it was the wrong one.

poor pathetic loser, I will never take you back, quit begging, you look pathetic.  And hope you had fun fucking Krystin last night before you go back home to the one who will always look dumb for taking back a a cheater, a liar, soeone who had 2 kids with someone else but she still took him that life isn't for me, that's all your life boo  I want more and deserve better

Realizing I deserved better changed everything. -Six word story.

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because it always will

Lying cheating loser, eventually he'll get his Karma.

A Winner Is Just A Loser

A Winner Is Just A Loser(Fitness Challenge Quotes)

Be discerning...reaction is a choice..

If you are weak you want revenge. If you are strong you will forgive. If you are smart you will ignore.

In the war of ego the loser always wins

In the war of ego the loser always wins


I enjoy being alone, my soul is at peace in the silence.

Get a real life dumb bitch🤗


Friendless or haters quotes

Never announce your moves..

Likes, 50 Comments - Motivation

Nobody likes a sore loser. Negative people quotes on

So get over it!

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Yep, why keeping a friendly relationship with a gaijin woman of your age when you can have a young chick in your bed ? Now you also show disrespect to this young woman and I hope she will open her eyes soon.

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I've waited 7 years already

judge judy thinks you're a loser.