5 Latest Valentine Passionate / Hot Love Quotes I’m so fu*king in love with you I don’t even know what to do with myself anymore All I want is the taste that your lips allow I miss your touch I’ll never have enough of you..Never They asked him, hows your life ?? He smiled and …

5 Trending Passionate Love Quotes

Yes please! I could use some rough passionate sex right now. Bite me, slap me, claw me, i want to ravage you.

I will never settle. Having an "okay" life is not on my agenda. (Relationship Feelings)

Thinking about going back to school and changing jobs to something that I feel passionate about, that makes a difference.

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Funny, you were all of this to me, but you threw it all away for something that ruined our marriage. I warned you, you should have listened

Just a mix...of me

There's passion or there's nothing.The type that drips down your back and soaks the sheets. The type of passion she still feels between her legs the next day. I love you ❤️

I miss your touch.. Miss you quotes picture

5 Trending Passionate Love Quotes

I can still remember the shivers I felt when your hands touched mine. God I miss your touch. I love you Babe.