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I-Im sorry I-I cant take this anymore. T-The beatings, e-emotional abuse, the pain. I-I just c-cant. I-Im so sorry Mikey. You were a-all I had. I-I hope to see you soon my l-love. -cuts deep and swallows pills-

"Despite the dream, Kyra felt fear rise within her as the object was placed before her. "I'm not taking that." "Anything that happens in the dreamscape will not harm you in real life." The boy seemed bored as he set the tea bag down. "Except if it kills me." Kyra was angry. "I wont commit suicide, not even in a dream." "Kill you?" He scoffed, picking up the tea bag. Before she could do anything, he ate it, bag and all. He smiled at her devastated expression. "Don't be so boring." -J

Ultimate Guide to Packing Your Hospital Bag for CSection

"Una pastilla al día" foto de foto de Geoff Hargadon, (Singapur / Reino Unido).

Street Artist Beejoir’s new sculpture, “A Pill A Day” (Singapore/UK) (photo © Geoff Hargadon)

Bipolar Mind | via Tumblr

That’s one way to make sure you stick to your diet: Razor blade lollipop.

writing prompt: what's for dinner? Half is dinner, half is dessert.

in the future you don`t need to eat meals, you just take three pills thoughout the day. These are the new meals.