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18 Gadget Gift Ideas From The Depths Of The Internet

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Suntree Solar Charger: Inspired by Nature

The Solar Suntree Charger is a solar powered charger for your mobile phone. It is powered by 9 solar panel leaves and has a trunk made from bamboo.

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A 'Post Modern Skateboard' That Ditches The Board

C-Smart Solutions: As we ditch cars to get around, new technology can making going car-free even cooler! The Sidewinding Circular Skates are a modern hybrid of skates and skateboard.

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'Podo' ensures that your selfies will be absolutely hands free, so you can take pictures from meters away instead of the regular arm-length, it is a camera that comes with a repositionable adhesive pad... READ MORE at Yanko Design !

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Incredible Compact Device Simulates Changing Weather Forecast In Real-Time

Software engineer Ken Kawamoto has invented a device that allows you to see a high-tech simulation of the weather forecast right on your own desktop.

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