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(Open rp. I'm a werewolf) Fear runs through me as I'm being hunted down in my wolf form. Why were people after me? What had I done wrong? I was so afraid. Afraid that I would be killed.
Science Fiction Writing Tips: How to Make a Vampire Not Suck
Dracula Retold: From Gothic Horror to Tragic Hero
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♆*† Village of the Damned †*♆
Damon Salvatore coloured contact lenses!
Must-read books about vampires to read for Halloween, including books for adults and books for teens. If you loved Twilight or Vampire Academy, these vampire books to read are for you.
Vampires who may not have seen their reflection in past mirrors because they were backed with silver which was considered a pure metal, may maybe now be able to see it because modern mirrors are backed with aluminum
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Blood-Sucking Facial Rejuvenation
"The moon is my sun, the night is my day, blood is my life, and you are my prey."                                                                                                                                                      More