The Waldorf Winter Solstice Spiral is a great way to teach kids about the winter solstice and is a fun homeschool activity for parents and kids!
Start a new tradition - throw a winter solstice party each year. Make it epic! Invite everyone you know!
7 Fun Ways to Celebrate the Winter Solstice. Have you ever wondered how to celebrate the winter solstice? Try these fun winter solstice activities and ideas for the whole family. Rain or Shine Mamma.
Nature Bound Pagan: January 2015
Winter Solstice:  #Winter #Solstice ~ The Sun King.
Making birdfeeders out of oranges. Did this for winter solstice and loved it! Will definitely do it again.
Winter Solstice Activities
"The sprites placed their crown on my head. I watched as their old queen turned into cherry blossom petals and was whisked away into the wind. Since the spites didn't speak I'm sure they were saying their goodbyes as their queen of the past blew away and was born again through a new tree"