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Dog Rash Vest

EzyDog's Rash Vest is the perfect way for your dog to have safe fun in the sun. With 50+ UV sun protection, the EzyDog Dog Rash Shirt is the perfect accessory on hot sunny days. Made using quality, high visibility lycra for a stretch fit and fast drying, odour resistant, easy to wash fabric.


Doggy Flotation Life Jacket | Bagmyitem This EzyDog Doggy Flotation Device (DFD) is the epitome of canine water safety and concurrent cuteness! It is brought to you by the thoughtful business endeavors of Ezy Dog. This is a red, high-performance doggy flotation vest. It features adjustable neoprene straps, which form an ergonomic, secure fit, reflective detailing to provide more efficient nighttime safety, durable (tough) construction so that it keeps up with the dog...

EzyDog Flotation Jackets for Dogs - keeping dogs safe for boating, sailing, kayaking or just swimming

Dog Flotation Device (DFD)

This is Fado and Madiba. Fado is the Golden Retriever and Madiba is a Bernese Mountain Dog. Fado and Madiba's owner tells us "Fado is 5 and a half years old and loves to swim. He enjoys swimming even more with his EzyDog life jacket. Madiba is only 1 years old and isn't sure yet whether he enjoys swimming, although his EzyDog life jacket definitely makes him feel more comfortable in the water.

Dog Flotation Device (DFD)

Does you dog have trouble swimming or just need more confidence in the water? If so, then the EzyDog Flotation Device (DFD) is the ideal solution. The foam inside the DFD has been been strategically placed to keep your dog swimming in an upright position. Many dog life jackets do not actually float and wear over time. With an EzyDog DFD, whether sailing, fishing or just playing on the beach, the DFD will keep your dog safe.