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a young man sitting next to a baby in a crib
a young man standing next to an easel in front of a group of people
a man in a suit and hat holding his arms up
a close up of a person wearing a black hat and blue jacket with his tongue out
1991 - Dilip Metah
a man with his face painted like a person wearing a hat and smiling at the camera
a man singing into a microphone in front of other men
two men in white suits and hats are dancing on the dancefloor while people watch
1988 - Smooth Criminal
Michael Jackson - You Rock My World ( Dance Video ) @Laurensnipzhalil
michael jackson as michael jackson on the set of his new movie, michael jackson is shown in this black and white photo
michael jackson performing on stage with his mouth open and hands in the air as he sings
The Bad Era Photo: MICHAEL