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Aloe Vera products for horses. Such a useful & beneficial product - would be a shame to keep it only for human use! See how your horse can benefit too. Available from

Dermatitis. One must always deal with the cause as well as relieving the symptoms, so a good quality anti flea veterinary formula preparation must be used. The dermatitis can be improved be cleansing the area with Aloe Liquid Soap or Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo and then applying Aloe Veterinary formula followed by Aloe Vera Gelly. The Gelly Should be applied 2-4 times daily. #dogs #animals #Dermatitis #aloe_vera


Aloe vera isnt just good for peoples health its widley used in the animal world too!

#FLP has developed #AloeVeterinary Formula – Mother Nature’s gentle Aloe spray Pamper your pets!