Ramadan Kareem

Find new Traditional Ramadan Sparkle Decorating ideas to enjoy the blessed month of Ramadan making all the preparations needed to celebrate the 30 spiritual days celebrations.

R Remember  A Allah  M Morning  A Afternoon  D Day  A And  N Night

15 dys hv pasd R we tkn advantge of dis beautifl gift of Ramadaan by occupyn ourslvs in d rembrnc of Allah? Hav we raisd r hands in sincrly askn Dis is a remndr *Remindr benefts d belivr *Time is precious ,mke it count.

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Prophet said; whowever fasts in the month of ramadan out of sincere faith, hoping for a reward from Allah, then all his previous sins will be forgiven".

Welcome Ramadan

Wishing everyone a blessed Ramadan. Ramadan in 2012 will start on Friday, the of July and will continue for 30 days until Saturday, the of August.

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