Project RocketBooST kitcar build

A photo diary of our Ford Fiesta ST180 powered Exo Rocket kitcar build.
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Our new Exo Rocket chassis, not painted. Although Exo Sports Cars adapted the engine bay to mount the 1.6 EcoBoost engine we may have to do some extra modifications to accommodate the extra cooling requirements of the engine.

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Our Ford Fiesta ST180 1.6 EcoBoost donor engine being cleaned and freshened up before we fit it. The engine came from an accident damaged and had some broken components car so we will have to replace the necessary parts, plus we changed the head gasket and timing belt.

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The custom made wiring loom and Specialist Components ecu and injector driver we will be using to run map the engine.

Our new Exo Rocket chassis, specially adapted by Exo Sport Cars to fit the 1.6 EcoBoost engine.

Our adjustable Protech dampers

Custom made grooved front brake discs

The Specialist Components ecu and injector drive module we will be using to run the engine, allowing us to custom map the engine to its full potential.

Yokohama Parada 195/50/15 tyres, should be a perfect mix of dry grip while still being able to cope with the changeable Scottish weather.

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