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Fall of the Berlin Wall

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The fall of the Berlin Wall is an iconic historical event, see the pictures the marked this historic event.

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Berlin: Berlin is separated into east and west Berlin by the Berlin Wall. East Berlin was the communist side which was controlled by the Soviets, and west Berlin was the side controlled by the US. This was a major point in the Cold War.

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Cry freedom - A German youth waves victoriously from the top of the Berlin Wall on the morning of The fall of the Berlin Wall led the way to German reunification, which was formally concluded on Oct.

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Top 10 Countries That Don't Exist Since In The Century - Created from the Soviet controlled sector of Germany after the Second World War, East Germany was probably best known for its Wall and its tendency to shoot people who attempted to cross over it.

Berlin the Brandenberg Gate - Looking Into The Past by Gordon Calder via Flickr - Original Picture summer / autumn 1989 - New Picture March 2010 - Historical old photos superimposed / combined with more recent pictures at the same location / scene

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By November it was no longer only small hammers being used to deconstruct the wall. Here, an East German bulldozer and crane knock down the Berlin Wall at Potsdamer Platz.

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