Bengali bride veil to be bought separately but matching to wedding sari. Red and gold border

❋Indian Bride❋Laya

Traditional Mughal bridal dresses involve embroidered Lehenga - and traditional Mughal jewelry like-lots of gold and precious gemstones, Jadau and Kundan jewelry featured heavy ornaments that were worn as necklaces or headpieces.

the most glamorous brides of brides the "Indian bride" the gold jewellery,mehndi,bangles,the shimmery make up,indian ethnic wear ,nathni completes and indian bride.

Dulhan Bride Indian Pakistani Desi Henna Mehndi Kundan Bangles ---- Wow this picture is stunningly beautiful

Be Royal with Royal Rajasthani Jewelry, there is always a question by ladies that how ladies may increase or project royalty...... a Rajhistani woman can answer easily that ladies may project their royalty and fashion by wearing Rajhistani Jewelry designs from head to toe traditionally. Kundan, Thewa and meenakari works with precious stones studded into it are all time favorite and popular among Rajput or marwari brides in Rajhistan. The popularity for these designs renowned because many…

Choker And Raani Haar (A Rajput bride’s neck is all the more enhanced by choker studded with precious stones clinging to the neck.