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Moeen Akhtar (24 December 1950 – 22 April 2011) was a Pakistani television, film and stage actor, as well as a humorist, comedian, impersonator, and a host. He was also a play writer, singer, film director and a producer. He was beloved for providing humor for people of all ages, and with an etiquette that remains unmatched. He was awarded honorary citizenship of Dallas in 1996 for his achievements. He is also listed among Amazing Pakistanis of all time.

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Two prominent faces from Pakistan movie industry. R: Waheed Murad (October 2, 1938 – November 23, 1983) was a legendary Pakistani film actor, producer and script writer. Waheed is considered to be one of the most famous and influential actors of subcontinent. Born in Sialkot, British India, he was the only child of well-off film distributor Mr. Nisar Murad. L: Nadeem ( Actor).

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A 1976 photo showing famous Pakistani pop star, Alamgir, sharing a joke with popular TV actor and comedian, late Moin Akhtar.

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Three literary giants of Pakistan - from left, Ata ul Haq Qasmi, Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi & Amjad Islam Amjad