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Ben Stiller plays Derek Zoolander, a model at the top of your game thanks to its signature “Blue Steel” look, until a fellow companion catwalker called Hansel (Owen Wilson) grabs all the attention. Zoolander joke pokes fun at the industry and its stereotypes, from not very bright male model Posse (“Orange Mocha Frappuccino!”) For demanding designers (Mugatu, played by Will Ferrell).


Some men may have a thing for models, but #Jonathan Switcher (Andrew McCarthy)’s obsession is much deeper: he is really in love with a mannequin he built, currently residing in a department store. When it comes to life as a woman -named Emmy (Kim Cattrall), both elaborate design windows and fall for each other. But their love is not easy; Emmy is in the eyes of a competitor and well, she’s a mannequin.


When her mother goes on vacation and nanny dies, Sue Ellen (Christina Applegate) should step up and take care of his brothers by bringing home some money. She puts together a false résumé and lies her way into a gig at a clothing manufacturer, but things unravel when it comes to achieving a parade right fashions in your own backyard.

Instagram with its popularity gaining hash tags is the new cool these days. With everybody using this all new app why would the celebrities be left behind?

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The broke shopaholic girl Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher) can’t afford enough of incredible clothes. But that doesn’t stop her. Sadly, she’s still a shopaholic and her addiction speaks for many a #stylishgirl who’s crazy about #fashion! This is one of the most comedic fashion movies.

There’s nothing like Clueless to inspire the plaid skirt again. These teenage girls know more shopping sprees than most adults.

Like the TV series, the film 2008 is as much about #fashion as it is sex and the city of #NewYork. Carrie and company look more extravagant costumes that you loved, but were also perhaps a bit intimidated by.

Go inside the prestigious world of the Dior brand with this 2014 documentary. This one is for the real #fashion devotees.

#French actor Gaspard Ulliel stars as the legendary #designer Yves Saint Laurent in this biopic. Watch him as he rises to fame as #Christina Dior chief #designer, only to suffer an emotional crisis.